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Documenting everything about OCaml


Applications written in OCaml

Full Applications

  • LibReref: Digital referencing tool written in OCaml. Discuss thread.
  • Slipshow: A text-based tool for making presentations with scrolling as an alternative to traditional slides.
  • OniVim: Modern modal editor based on Vim, written in Reason (OCaml-like). github
  • WeiDu: Modding program used for Bioware’s Infinity engine games.
  • ZeroInstall: A decentralised cross-platform software installation system.
  • MirageOS: A unikernel operating system written in OCaml. github
  • Unison: Cross-platform file synchronization tool written in OCaml.
  • CamlBoy: A full GameBoy emulator written in OCaml. Runs in the browser using js_of_ocaml.
  • DocuLib: A GUI for tagging and managing document metadata for books, textbooks, or articles.
  • Chamo: An emacs like code/text editor which can be configured in OCaml

Toy Applications

  • MariOCaml: Simple Mario clone written in OCaml, running on HTML5. Demo.