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Documenting everything about OCaml



OCaml has quite a few places where you can go to communicate with the community and learn about the language:

Where to find OCamlers

  • OCaml Discourse Web Forum is a friendly, online forum for OCaml discussion. If you prefer to have long-form conversation rather than just chatting, this is the place to do it.
  • OCaml Discord Chat is a chat server for everything related to OCaml. Pop by and ask a question or just say hi. The Discord server also provides a bridge to IRC via the #general channel.
  • OCaml IRC Chat: #ocaml on ircs:// OCaml’s older chat room on IRC. This room is bridged with Discord’s main server as well.
    • weechat IRC script link: Script to allow IRC users to see discord user messages as if they, rather than the bot, wrote the message.
  • The Official OCaml Mailing List: this precedes the Discourse forum but is currently not well used. Some people aren’t on Discourse but are subscribed to the mailing list.
  • OCaml Subreddit: contains both news and discussions about OCaml, but tends to have minimal traffic.
  • The OCaml github page: where development and some discussion on the internals of the OCaml language takes place.
  • OCaml RFCs: Repo for fully-implemented suggestions and features for OCaml’s evolution.

OCaml News

  • OCaml Planet: an aggregator for many blogs about OCaml and related concepts.
  • The Official OCaml Website: a central hub for online OCaml information.
  • OPAM: OPAM is OCaml’s package manager. You can keep track of the latest or most popular packages here.

ReasonML Discussion

ReasonML is a new syntax on top of OCaml, and as such many discussions pertaining to Reason apply to OCaml as well: