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Google Summer of Code

In order to participate in GSoC and get contributions, we need to come up with possible tasks from varied projects in the ecosystem.

Feel free to add tasks below. The tasks should be long enough to fill a summer, but not so hard that a newcomer will not be able to finish them (I know, it’s tricky).

GSoC suggests/mandates that every student first submit 2 PRs to demonstrate their ability and interest.


Example Task

  • Task description: The Foo project needs Bar to be implemented.
  • Requirements: Some knowledge of OCaml, minimal knowledge of C, knowledge of task-related stuff.
  • Details: There’s a task that needs doing. The student will be expected to:
    • Show familiarity with the task.
    • Accomplish at least 70% of the task.
    • Have good knowledge of task-related topics.
  • Reach goals: If the task is finished early, the student can go on to do FooBar.