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Documenting everything about OCaml



OCamlverse is an effort to document everything worth knowing about OCaml, an industrial-strength functional programming language.

About OCamlverse

OCamlverse is intended to be a fast-moving web site that’s easy to contribute to. We maintain the site on GitHub and treat it almost like a Wiki.


We depend on the OCaml community’s help to make OCamlverse better. Please contribute! You can:

Note: It is important to read our Contribution Guidelines. They explain the rules for contributing to OCamlverse and how to be a good contributor.

(We use the terrific ahrefs service to crawl and check our site.)

Running OCamlverse Locally

OCamlverse is built with Jekyll, a popular static site generator that originally powered GitHub Pages.

If you want to run OCamlverse (e.g. to preview some changes you’ve made) all you need to do is:

  • Install Ruby (Jekyll is written in Ruby)
  • Run the following shell commands in OCamlverse’s source folder:
$ bundle
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

At this point you can point your browser to and view the locally running site.

Note: If you are using Ruby version 3 or above, you will need to add the webrick gem to the Gemfile prior to running bundle install.


All content here is licensed under the CC0 (“No Rights Reserved”) license.