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Regular Expressions

  • Re: a pure OCaml regular expressions library with combinators, supporting several formats (glob, posix, str…)
  • Tyre: Tyre is a set of combinators to build type-safe regular expressions, allowing automatic extraction and modification of matched groups.
  • ppx_regex: Contains 2 ppx parsers:
    • ppx_regexp: maps to use Re (untyped regex)
    • ppx_tyre: maps to use Tyre for typed regex.
  • ocaml-pcre: bindings to the PCRE library (perl-compatible regular expressions)
  • Humane-re: attempts to provide an easy interface for 90% of your regex needs. This is a binding on top of Re.
  • OCaml comes with the Str module. This module is not recommended because it is not part of the standard library, it uses global states and is not particularly fast, but its availability makes it useful when you don’t have access to anything better.